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A Bit About Us

AvitaSen is a family-owned and operated business in Medina, OH. We launched in September 2020 and were welcomed with excitement, warmth, and happiness (and for that, we will be
forever grateful).

Black seed oil was always a staple in our household. It’s our favorite go-to oil for many things, from taking a daily dose to boost immunity to using it as a traditional home remedy for hair
healing (we especially love black seed oil for hair thinning and hair loss solutions).

Over the years, we tried various things to help improve the condition and appearance of our hair (hair treatments, conditioning systems, products that promised the world but didn’t deliver
results and the list goes on), but nothing came close to the results we saw with black seed oil.

We quickly realized that there is a definite void in high-quality, luxury black seed oil beauty products and we’re here to fill that void. With AvitaSen products, you get the impressive benefits
of black seed oil with products that were formulated especially for you.
Healthy, beautiful hair easily.

A Bit About Black Seed Oil for Hair

The black seed oil has been used for centuries as an effective, natural hair healing remedy. People across the globe have used it traditionally for years to help lessen hair fall, and improve hair’s
thickness, condition, softness, and shine. People also rave about its benefits to the scalp. It is known to stimulate the hair follicle and many people have used it traditionally to help heal scalp

Black seed oil is the star ingredient in AvitaSen brand products. AvitaSen offers an array of high-quality health and beauty products that focus on the impressive benefits of black seed oil,
particularly hair and beard care. Avitasen uses only the highest quality black seeds, picked fresh shortly before production, and cold-pressed to retain the oil’s maximum benefits.

For You

AvitaSen products are specially formulated to help you. Every detail, from product formulation to bottle shape for ease of use has been designed to make it easy for you to get nourished,
healthy, beautiful hair
easily, with natural, effective ingredients.

You don’t need hours or a complex, difficult-to-use hair treatment. You just need AvitaSen products, designed for you – easy to use, takes only minutes, and most importantly, effective.

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